Teaching Kitchens

A dedicated culinary student at LaSalle College expertly plates a dish, focused on detail in a bustling kitchen. 

Ideal learning spaces

The school kitchens are where our students practice their cooking and restaurant skills. It is an educational space at the cutting edge of technology, following the latest trends in catering. Thanks to an investment of $100,000, we were able to equip our kitchens with the most efficient and recent tools.

The school kitchens benefit from the latest equipment in the industry, such as smoking ovens, high precision Rational ovens, and braising pans, among others. The equipment and facilities are chosen to reflect what we would find in kitchens and restaurants all over Quebec, allowing our students to become familiar with the same kind of environment they will find themselves in when starting their careers.

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Students training in culinary arts work in unison in the well-equipped kitchen of a culinary school. 

"We wanted something very advanced, very technological, but at the same time quite standardized. We need students to be able to adapt to any other institution when they leave our walls."

- Jean-Kristen Lavigne, maitre d' at La Classe restaurant.

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