Active learning classrooms

Innovative Learning Spaces

LaSalle College’s innovative new collaborative learning spaces are equipped with ergonomic furniture and cutting-edge technology appreciated by students and teachers alike.

It’s the end of learning standards as we’ve known them. In these classes, there’s no more front or back of the room, no traditional blackboards, no desks in a row.

The educational institution now has a dozen of these collaborative rooms in its facilities, including six new ones. They all enable the school to better meet the needs of modern learning methods.

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A group of professionals engaged in a discussion at a long table in a bright, modern co-working space. 

Active learning

These rooms were designed with three objectives in mind:

  • increase student motivation
  • offer a practical teaching method that supports students in taking more risks
  • encourage students to think about their learning process.  

Teachers were called on to modify their teaching methods to optimize the use of these new classrooms. While prior methods centered on students, the new method features fewer lectures and more time for coaching and interactions with students.

A presenter addresses a diverse group of attentive participants in an urban loft-style workshop space. 

Beneficial effects on students

Classroom configurations provide a more relaxed, informal environment. In addition, teachers assign more group projects, which promotes a collaborative atmosphere, rather than a spirit of competition among students.

Since they have so many tools available, students demonstrate a higher level of creativity, as well as stronger engagement in their own learning process.

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