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We are aware that students having been through other educational systems than Canada's and may be asking themselves plenty of questions. This is why we have placed as much information as possible at your disposition to make things easy for you.

Make it happen!

In the heart of the city of Montréal (province of Québec), LaSalle College has successfully brought together elite cohorts over the last 50 years. The College's teachers are professionals in their respective fields, passionate and respected. Their mandate is to provide quality education and respond to their students' needs. They are also prepared to adapt to societal shifts and job market trends. 

Graduates of LaSalle College stand out with:

  • An internationally recognized government accredited diploma
  • Professional contacts within their field of study
  • Work experience before even graduating thanks to  work-study programs (ATE)
  • A gained consciousness of global issues  


LaSalle College offers over 60 programs that respond to students' needs with programs that bridge college level education and the various outlets, be it the industry, organizations or university. Here is a list of diplomas accredited by the  ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES):

  • Diploma of college studies (DEC)
  • Attestation of college studies (AEC)
  • Diploma of vocational studies (DEP)

Our two-year preuniversity programs lead to a DEC and allow graduates to pursue university studies in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia.

Three-year DEC programs are also offered and allow students to gain a skill set directly applicable in the job market.

Vocational programs lead to an AEC or DEP. These studies prepare students to directly access the work place. They can fulfill positions with a company or start their own business.

For a complete list of our offered programs, consult the  Programs section or  speak to one of our advisors to learn more.

Admission Criteria

DEC: To be admitted to a DEC program, you must obtain a Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or its recognized equivalent.

AEC: To be admitted to an AEC program, you must be deemed by the College to have sufficient prior training and satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • To have interrupted studies for at least 2 consecutive semesters, or one year
  • To hold an agreement between an employer and the College
  • To have completed at least one year in post-secondary studies

DEP: To be admitted to a vocational program leading to a DEP, you must be at least 16 years of age on September 30 of the current academic year, have Secondary III units in the language of instruction, second language and math or their equivalent (in accordance to articles 232 and 250 of the law).

For more information,  contact our admissions advisors. They would be happy to help.

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