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Career Services

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LaSalle College takes pride in the professional success of its students and provides them with employability consulting services such as:

  • Resume writing
  • Training for job interviews
  • Job search strategy and networking advice
  • Access to Portfolios, an exclusive platform including job offers and student profiles.

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Psychosocial Support

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Need help or support? LaSalle College offers a psychosocial support service to all students enrolled in a program to provide comprehensive support for emotional and mental well-being. Our team of skilled professionals is ready to listen and assist you in times of doubt, stress or difficulty. Counselling services and follow ups offered on campus or by videoconference.


Guidance Counselor

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If you have any questions about your career path, your aspirations, your ambitions or your choice of career, the College's guidance counsellor is here to help. First appointment and follow-up on campus or remotely.


Adapted Services

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The College offers adapted services (accommodations) to students with:

  • learning disabilities
  • attention disorders
  • dyslexia
  • other diagnosed disorders

For each student enrolled, the adapted services counselors prepare an intervention plan specifying the accommodation measures to which the student is entitled. These accommodations are based on a medical diagnosis or an assessment by a professional.

Meetings are individual, confidential and free, and are available online or on campus.

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Portfolios is a social platform showcasing the achievements, know-how and creativity of students and graduates from LaSalle College and other member campuses in the LCI Education network. The platform provides students and graduates with the opportunity to exhibit their creations and CVs to the public as well as employers in search of new talent.

Students and graduates registered with Portfolios also have access to exclusive job offers, internships and practical advice.

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Documentation Center

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At this modern library, you will have access to all sorts of media such as books, magazines, DVD, slides and other audiovisual material. The collection of the documentation centre obviously covers all fields of specialization offered through training at LaSalle College. You will also receive sound advice from professionals who are at your service.

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Learning Centers for Students

French Language Assistance, Support and Help (flash)

Individual help or small groups workshops are offered at this center for French Language Assistance, Support and Help. The services provided at the FLASH will bring support to students who need help in their French class or who want to improve their oral and writing skills.

Due to a limited amount of hours, students will often be paired with 1 or 2 others students from the same group.

Math Help Center

One-on-one or small group help in Mathematics and Statistics is available online. Students can request help by filling out the online registration form in order to schedule appointment times. In addition to appointments throughout the session, there will be teachers available at scheduled times at the end of the semester to help students as they prepare for final exams.

Computer Science Help Center

Teacher at Compass Computer Help Center are available during week days to assist video games, programming and networking students. Support is offered to help students progress at their own pace, based on their needs and schedule.

We recommend to all students to take advantage of these services to better their skills and succeed in reaching their goals.

English Learning Centre (ELC)

The English Learning Centre (ELC) is one of the Help Centres under the umbrella of Student Services. Teachers at the ELC work with students to help them improve their English skills so that they have success in their courses and the English Exit Exam. This help is available for all course levels and includes reading comprehension, analysis, essay structure and written expression.

Open House | Online (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) or on campus (3 to 8 p.m.)

Open House

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