A thoughtful female bartender with curly hair is poised to take a customer's order in a bustling bar.

Educational Bar

A hairdressing training environment with salon stations, chairs, and mirrors set up for practical learning. 

Learning how to shake the perfect cocktail

Our Educational Bar is a unique classroom used by our students in the Food Service Management and Hotel Management Technique programs. This classroom is equipped with the same tools and equipment that you can find in the bars of the greatest hotels and restaurants.

Thanks to the skills they will have acquired in mixology, which is a central concept in the Bar Techniques and Sommellerie courses, students will have learned, among other things, how to create unique cocktails in order to develop a cocktail menu for a hotel or restaurant establishment.

Putting Knowledge Into Practice

This Educational Bar regularly hosts our famous mixology competitions. These friendly competitions allow students to put their theorical knowledge into practice and win cash prizes offered by our industry partners. In addition, it is a jury of industry professionals that determines the winners!

A collage displaying a bar's ambiance with images of liquor bottles, a dimly lit bar area with hanging glasses, and a close-up of a cocktail.

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Open House

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