Clothing Technology Laboratory

Fashion design students are actively working on projects in a well-equipped workshop with sewing machines and design stations. 

Techno-Espace, located at the heart of LaSalle College, is a space for expertise and research intended to meet the needs of companies producing technical clothing and specialized products made of flexible materials*. Its mission is to contribute to the development of Canadian expertise in the technical and specialized clothing sector, by offering a range of consulting services and courses in research, development and design (RD&D).

Working in various sectors of the industry, such as outdoor clothing, uniform, protective clothing and high-performance clothing markets, the Techno-Espace team has managed to develop efficient research mechanisms, which, in turn, have led to increased product functionality and optimized product performance.

* The expression “product made of flexible materials” includes clothing and merchandise made of textile material, although not exclusively so. In fact, the development of products made of flexible materials can extend to products resulting from industrial design which require similar development, construction and prototype stages.

Mannequin in a design studio, wearing a garment in progress, with sewing stations and dress forms in the background. 

Towards a new generation of specialists

Above all, LaSalle College wants its students to be instilled with a true understanding of their future professions. Techno-Espace has as their mission to share its expertise and offer courses tailored to provide a new generation of qualified workers in the technical and specialized clothing industry. Out of this exclusive collaboration between LaSalle College and Techno-Espace came the program  AEC in Technical Clothing Designer (NTC.1T), which is specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry.

This unique program draws its inspiration directly from; sports, outdoor activities, and the skilled trades. Moreover, Techno-Espace’s laboratory gives LaSalle College students access to equipment and the latest applied technologies in this emerging sector.

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Business Services

A designer finalizes a 3D model on a computer, with a 3D printer in the foreground printing a prototype. 

The complexity of the process of designing technical and specialized products requires a multidisciplinary scientific approach. By combining expertise and technology, Techno-Espace is able to offer a complete range of RD&D and product V&V (verification and validation) services. In addition to prototype and assembly testing, our consulting services include the drafting of technical specifications and assistance in evaluating responses to calls for tenders in the uniform sector.

Thanks to the rigor of the methodology employed, which ensures objective, measurable and quantifiable results, we can confirm that the requirements and needs taken into consideration when developing a product are concretely applied and bring about real results. In addition to product functionality and performance, Techno-Espace is interested in the compatibility between items of clothing and equipment related to the context in which they are used.

The extensive knowledge of the specialists in clothing architecture, material specifications, and assembly methodology makes Techno-Espace a resource center “tailor-made” to meet your needs. Their status as an independent laboratory allows them to be objective and impartial in their research, analyses, and recommendations.

Close-up of an industrial sewing machine with spools of thread on the workbench in a textile manufacturing setting. 

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