Patrons engage with attentive staff at a refined restaurant, enhancing the dining ambiance.

An exceptional maitre d’hôtel

A professional host in a formal suit stands confidently in the elegant setting of a restaurant associated with College LaSalle. 

Maitre d’hôtel, pedagogue and father of three, nothing stops this restaurant professional, who masterfully manages the LaSalle College teaching restaurant!

With varied experience in the restaurant industry, Jean-Kristen came to the La Classe restaurant in 2016 with a background worthy of the greats.

The maitre d’hôtel of the LaSalle College teaching restaurant started in the industry over eighteen years ago, after completing Tourism studies and following a Master Class in Spirits and Sake.

With extensive experience in the field, he has had the opportunity to work every job at a restaurant. He has left his mark on several famous establishments in Montreal, such as Shinji, Mangiafoco, Buona Notte, and Verses.

He has also been the head of his own company that provides food services standardization and cocktail, sake and wine menus.

Training the next generation in food service

A born pedagogue, Jean-Kristen has now chosen to move towards the field of education.

As maitre d’hôtel, he teaches his students about, among other things, managing employees, customers’ special needs, costs and efficiency, as well as a very important part of hospitality — attitude.

With his vision for the future, Jean-Kristen is bringing a breath of fresh air to La Classe.

Pushing the standards of the customer experience while gently guiding his guests out of their comfort zone, he aims to fully personalize the experience by making sure the customer feels at home.

The father of three says he is privileged to be able to rub shoulders with the next generation and dreams that soon, all great chefs in Montréal will call him to have the best trainees!

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