Spotlight on Our Graduates

Sheida Shaghaghi Loushkani 

Title: VISUAL ARTIST (Instagram : sheidashaghaghi_art)
Degree obtained in: 2019

Describe the type of work that you do.

As a multidisciplinary artist, I work across a wide range of mediums such as painting, sculpture, installation and performance art. Most of the time I work alone, but I also collaborate with other artists for group exhibitions and projects.

Tell us about your most recent exhibition.

My most recent solo exhibition was presented at the AVE gallery in Montreal which is a gallery specializing in emerging artists. I presented my most recent work: most of which was produced during my studies at LaSalle College. The theme of the exhibition revolved around notions of memory and the construction of identity through the passage of time.

What are your future career goals?

I intend to pursue further education in visual arts and continue to develop my career as a freelance visual artist.

What are your best memories from your studies at LaSalle College?

I have many good memories from my studies at LaSalle College. One thing that had a really positive impact was the welcoming and respectful environment where I felt free to express myself and be who I am, without judgment.

As an international student, my sense of community and belonging was very strong in this multicultural environment. We were able to build a strong sense of community event though we all came from different parts of the world.

What was your favorite subject in the Arts, literature and communication program?

The visual art classes were definitely my favorite classes. Working in the art studio, exploring different mediums and working around different concepts were very inspiring for me.

Describe your general feeling during your first week or month of school?

At first, I was very nervous because, coming from Iran, I did not know anyone here. However, I quickly made new friends and became a part of the LaSalle College community.

What advice would you give to a student presently enrolled in the Arts, literature and communication program?

Personally, my main struggle was having to adapt to a new environment and culture quickly, and being far from my family. In that sense, the best advice that I could give to a student would be to focus on your studies and use this new knowledge to grow into the person you really want to be.

What surprised you most when you started your career in arts?

I was surprised to realize the importance of networking in order to be successful in the art world. Talent is important but your ability to present yourself, talk about your work and meet new people are equally important.

What are the essential qualities for success in the art world?

Discipline, perseverance and organization.

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