Arts, Literature and Communication - Arts

Diploma of College Studies (DCS)
An artist's hand applying vibrant oil paints to a canvas, focusing on an eye detail.


Explore the captivating world of artistic creation and culture through our DCS in Arts, Literature and Communication - Arts. This unique experience will broaden your horizons and prepare you to influence the world of art and culture. Focus your creativity, while enriching your wider knowledge. The Arts option is specially designed for students who want to develop their creative skills and open many doors at university.
Next session starts August 26, 2024
2 years (4 semesters, 1365 hours)
Teaching language
English, French
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Inspiring stories

Empower your ambition with our students' success stories. Unlock a career that lives up to your aspirations.

 A woman presents her design ideas on a mood board to a group of attentive colleagues in a creative office setting.
Colas expresses himself through graffiti and tags.
DCS in Arts, Literature and Communication - Arts - Colas Eko.
A young man with long curly hair, wearing a blue and white checkered shirt, stands with crossed arms and a watch on his left wrist, against a plain background.
My DCS was a stepping stone into the unknown, an opportunity for international exploration.
DCS in Arts, Literature & Communication - Arts - Alessio Agnello
A professional-looking woman with long, dark hair, smiling subtly in a navy blue blouse against a neutral backdrop.
Discovering one's identity through artistic achievements.
DCS in Arts, Literature & Communication - Arts - Sheida Shanghaghi
A vibrant group of friends poses for a selfie, capturing a moment of laughter and friendship on the stairs.

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