SIGNATURE 2022: a second outdoor fashion show that will go down in history!

For a second year in a row, our Fashion Design graduates offered the largest outdoor fashion show in Canada!
A group of individuals exhibits eclectic urban fashion styles on a sunny day, with a colorful umbrella and diverse outfits.

After the success of last year's reinvented SIGNATURE fashion show, which was offered as part of the Fashion + Design Festival, we decided to replicate a similar concept for the pre-graduation event of our Fashion Design students of the 2019-2022 cohort.

Student creations in the spotlight

Earlier this spring, our students and teachers worked hard to launch the volume 2 of SIGNATURE, the Book, a collaboration between the next generation of fashion designers and the greatest fashion professionals in Quebec.

But, in addition to creating this prestigious book, they also offered a grandiose and colorful outdoor fashion show composed of a hundred models at the Old Port Promenade! 

Of course, the models were proudly dressed in the creations of our Fashion Design graduates to showcase their work and talent. And we must say that their creations grabbed everyone’s attention during the show!

Models walk down a runway outdoors, showcasing diverse clothing styles in front of an audience.
Photo: Paul Doumit

A VIP event bringing together the actors of the fashion industry in Quebec

In order to make this fashion show shine and to allow our students to have the visibility they deserve, we organized a big VIP event at the Grand Quay of the Old Port of Montreal, from where the fashion show started.

A man in a white shirt and large glasses holds a glass of wine, standing with a woman in a rust-colored blouse who is also holding a wine glass.
Photo: Paul Doumit

All of the College's collaborators and big names in the fashion industry were there: Denis Gagnon, Stéphane Le Duc, Lolita Dandoy, Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert, Mathieu Caron, Sylvain Blais... As well as, of course, singer Zoé Sanders, who celebrated with us, at the event, the launch of her new single, Oui oui. It is also worth mentioning that it is at the College, with our graduates, that was filmed the music video of her song!

More photos and videos


Models present eclectic attire, with a burgundy dress and avant-garde red and black ensembles, juxtaposed with vibrant digital art.
Photos: Paul Doumit
Six individuals pose smiling at a Collège LaSalle event in Montréal, with a large '500' sign and college emblem.
Photo: Paul Doumit
A multicultural gathering of people in various colorful attire stand before a Ferris wheel, symbolizing unity and diversity.
Photo: Thessa Thomas & Ka Chau Wong 
Two individuals wearing vibrant, floral-themed costumes and face masks, participating in a street performance.
Photo: Thessa Thomas & Ka Chau Wong 
A diverse group of spectators at a fashion show, seated on a metal scaffold, sporting vibrant headwear and eclectic attire.
Photo: Thessa Thomas & Ka Chau Wong 
A group of individuals, diverse in ethnicity and attire, stand united in front of a bridge, symbolizing solidarity amidst diversity.
Photo: Thessa Thomas & Ka Chau Wong 
Four models pose in a bright studio, displaying eclectic, avant-garde fashion with bold colors and diverse textures. The outfits blend traditional elements with modern, edgy details.
Photo: Thessa Thomas & Ka Chau Wong 

To see all the pictures of the fashion show and the VIP event, visit our Facebook page!


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