Fashion Design

Diploma of College Studies (DCS)
Models display bold avant-garde outfits on a runway, with an audience of spectators in the background.


Amaze audiences with bold creations! One of a kind in Canada, this program prepares you to create your own collection and launch your own clothing and accessories brand in the design industry. Showcase your creativity at the Signature Fashion Show, an event for our Fashion Design DCS alumni to present their creations. Canada’s biggest fashion school will help you develop your creativity for professional success.
Next session starts August 26, 2024
3 years (6 semesters, 2775 hours)
Teaching language
English, French
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Inspiring stories

Empower your ambition with our students' success stories. Unlock a career that lives up to your aspirations.

A black and white image capturing a man with distinctive large-framed glasses, looking intently towards the viewer.
From graduate to entrepreneur, making a stop at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts.
DCS in Fashion Design - Denis Gagnon.
A poised woman with long blond hair sits elegantly, donning a black shirt and matching gloves, exuding professionalism and confidence.
Making a mark at LAMARQUE.
DCS in Fashion Design - Ifigenia Papadimitriou.
A young adult with a thoughtful expression, lit by soft, cool light, wearing a black shirt.
A spectacular and winning fashion journey with the prestigious LVMH scholarship.
DCS in Fashion Design - Thomas Tait.
A young man with an edgy hairstyle sips from a creatively designed coffee mug, his gaze meeting the camera, with a backdrop of a colorful shoe collection.
Finding the right fit in Montréal, from here to the United Kingdom.
DCS in Fashion Design - Jérome C. Rousseau
A vibrant group of friends poses for a selfie, capturing a moment of laughter and friendship on the stairs.

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