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Philipe N. Gouveia

Name: Philipe N. Gouveia
Title: Technology Programmer
Company: Square Enix Montreal
Study Program: DEC in Computer Science Technology - Video Game Programming
Degree obtained in: Summer 2021


Last year, we handed him the reins of our Instagram page while he was still a student to let him share with you one of his projects: "Into the Unknown". Now a graduate, Philipe N Gouveia, who distinguished himself during his time at LaSalle College thanks to his professionalism and rigorousness, presents his academic and professional journey.


Philipe N. Gouveia


1. What position do you hold and what are your main responsibilities?

I currently work as a Technology Programmer at Square Enix Montreal. I am mostly a full-stack developer responsible for defining, developing, testing, updating, supporting and releasing tools for LiveOps operations.

I also have to integrate those tools with micro-services and/or with the company’s custom Unity SDK. At the end of the day, I have to make sure all is properly integrated so Game Developers and LiveOps Managers are able to use the tools effectively.


2. Could you describe a typical day in your professional life?

Working with Live Operations is a new trend on the game industry and it would not be different at Square Enix. As one of the biggest game companies in the world, the company is investing a lot in this technology.

Thus, every day is a day to learn and implement new ideas. With the team, we gather all necessary information to build, piece by piece, a strong LiveOps ecosystem.


3. Could you describe your career path?

I began learning programming at the first day of the DEC program. Although it seemed to be a colossal challenge, I got hooked to the flow that is spending hours coding and, quickly, was addicted to it.

After three years studying video game programming, I was able to land an internship as a gameplay programmer in an Indie Company and to work on amazing projects.

However, my deepest desire (since childhood) was to work with Square Enix. So, after two attempts, I was able to get an internship as a Tools Programmer and after my graduation, I landed a job there.


4. What is your fondest memory of your days at LaSalle College?

Every time I finished a project in the programming classes and looked at the results, feeling proud of what I accomplished.


5. What was your favorite subject in the curriculum? Do you use what you learned now in your career?

My favorite course was Game Engine II, where we simulated a team developing a game from begin to end. At this course, I had to learn a lot and at the end, my group was able to finish a game which made us all proud of it.


6. Could you describe the general impression you had when you started at LaSalle College?

I was amazed by the installations at the College. I looked forward to being in those nice rooms and use the well-equipped computer labs. Also, I usually went to the top floor to see people on the animation classes just to feel as if I was in a game company.


7. What surprised you the most when you entered the job market?

How lucky I was to have good mentors and how right I was to commit myself entirely to what they showed me. I was surprised to see how I was able to apply the things they taught.


8. What advice would you give to a student currently enrolled in the same program that you completed?

The first important advice is to enjoy, make good friends and commit yourself to the program. There is no class which is not important in the end. Focus on learning data structures and algorithms as it is the base of programming and you will be required to know it during job interviews. Also, build a very good portfolio. A good portfolio will create the opportunities for you to get interviews in companies you want.


9. What are the essential qualities required to succeed in your field?

Above all, to think outside the box, that is what makes us stand out on the market. Also, to create a very solid foundation in programming, to develop important skills, such as problem solving, to specialize on an area and to master it; and last but not least, to be a good team player.


10. Who are the role models that inspire you and why?

Ada Lovelace, firstly, because she is known as the mother of computer programming, and secondly, because I am where I am due to what she began. All in all, she depicts what gets out of the comfort zone and thinks outside the box. Also, above all, she portrays the importance of what is to have a strong problem-solving skill.


11. Something to add that could inspire the next generation?

Don’t give/create excuses, successful people look for reasons to do things, not for reasons to not do them. Therefore, be committed to your goals and give your best to achieve it. There is nothing we cannot do when we put commitment alongside our passion.


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