Spotlight on Our Graduates

Érika Izzi 

Business Management | DEC

Owner, La Petite Italienne

I found where I belong thanks to my training in Business Management from LaSalle College. It allowed me to be self-confident.

Participating in the Bootcamp entrepreneurship program and winning first place was the most important moment of my journey. I drew on my motivation during those two days and I benefited from the expert advice of several instructors.

Tell us about your career path.
During my studies, I had several jobs that allowed me to gain experience for the future. After my internship, I knew that I wanted to start my own company: an upscale Italian grocery store. The process promised to be long and hard. I had to resort to finding a job while working on my business plan.

After several months of relentless work and meetings with various organizations, I officially became co-owner, with my mother, of a grocery store in Sorel-Tracy. We named it “La Petite Italienne.” At only 24 years old, I’m proud to be a business owner. It’s an immense accomplishment. I have a vision for this company and I want to make it grow.

What advice do you have for starting a company?
Surround yourself with trustworthy people. Find a mentor who will guide you when you need help. Your mentor will know how to advise you and support you through the various steps and decisions that await you.

Go knock on doors of organizations; they are there to help you. They offer a ton of programs that you can take advantage of.

The most important advice, in my opinion: trust yourself. People told me I wouldn’t succeed. Three months later, I officially had my first sale!

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