Spotlight on Our Graduates

Amir Bakir

Hotel Management Technique | DEC

Director of Operation, Hôtel Gault

What is your career path, your accomplishments?
I started my career in the hotel industry during my studies at LaSalle College. I got my first opportunity to work for a hotel thanks to the internship program. It opened doors towards my current career path.

I started as a banquet server at the Grand Plaza Hotel. Then, I worked as a receptionist/night auditor. A year later, I joined the Hotel Le Saint James housekeeping team.

In order to follow my career plan, I decided to start from the bottom of the food chain at Hotel Gault and work my way up through hard work, dedication, and of course thanks to the education I obtained from LaSalle College. I am currently the Director of Operations at Hotel Gault.

Being surrounded by an outstanding team is what drives great results. Being a team leader gives me the responsibility to delegate the right tasks to the right team members. Exceeding guest expectations is what we strive for every day. Working in the hotel industry is a passion that we practice daily.

What advice would you give to our students in Hotel management?
My advice to LaSalle College students is to identify their strengths and weaknesses to find a suitable position that corresponds with their talents. This will help them to shine and achieve their goals efficiently. Along with the education you will receive, these two factors are key to opening the door to success.

Never lose hope. Always wear a smile on your face and show your commitment and determination so that your efforts will be noticed and recognized. Find a hotel that matches your personality so that you work in a happy environment.

Finally, hoteliers must be customer service oriented. This is not something that you can gain or fake. You need to know if it’s meant to be your career or not. In my opinion, this should be the first step to one's success story.

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