Fashion Design - Costume for Cinema and Television

Diploma of College Studies (DCS)
A model confidently displays a creative outfit with newspaper elements on a vibrant runway, embodying innovative design.


Bring characters to life by weaving their story with fabrics. Create unforgettable garments reflecting the story, the place, the time, and, above all, the character. Spark your creativity by specializing in costume design for cinema and television from the 3rd year of your DCS program in Fashion Design. An exciting career awaits you in film, theater, television, or the circus.

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A stylish man poses confidently in a black blazer over a black shirt, complemented by a gold watch, set against a backdrop of shimmering stage costumes.
From a learner at College LaSalle to recognized Olympic designer.
DCS in Fashion Design - Costume for Cinema and Television - Mathieu Caron
A vibrant group of friends poses for a selfie, capturing a moment of laughter and friendship on the stairs.

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