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Managing Senior-Citizen Homes

Attestation of College Studies (ACS)
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About the Program

LaSalle College Montréal's Managing Senior-Citizen Homes program (ACS) is part of a development and consolidation perspective for the network of senior residences, a growing industry.

This training centres on a career of the future, providing access to management and supervisory positions in a human environment, while focusing on the quality of services.

Learning Outcomes

  • Manage the operating activities of a residence for the elderly and ensure its quality.
  • Manage residence staff.
  • Market and sell the establishment’s services.
  • Ensure client satisfaction.


Successful Senior-Citizen Home Managers have a unique combination of skills, including:

  • Empathy

    Provide emotional support, comfort, and companionship to elderly residents.
  • Communication Skills

    Convey information and communicate with residents who may have hearing or cognitive impairments.
  • Patience and Adaptability

    Handle challenging behaviours and unexpected situations in a calm and composed manner.
  • Safety Knowledge

    Recognize signs of distress or illness, and ensure the safety of residents in their environment.

Career Prospects

According to the Statistical Institute of Quebec, the number of elderly people will double by 2045. This translates into a significant demand for housing for retirees. Many large-scale projects are emerging and labour needs are great.

Career Fields

  • Director of Residence,
  • Owner Operator,
  • Head of Department: Food, Building and Maintenance, Care, Leisure, etc.,
  • Housing Advisor,
  • Administrative Assistant.

Diploma & Accreditation

This Attestation of College Studies (ACS) is accredited by the ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur of Québec and is internationally recognized.

ACS programs are part of continuing education and destined primarily for adults seeking to add value to their skill set or reorient their career.

Required Materials

A laptop computer is highly recommended for study in this program.

Mentors may request other standard or student-licensed software mandatory for their courses to be installed.

The following features are required for PCs or Macs:

  • Processor: Intel I5 minimum,
  • Memory: 8 GB recommended,
  • Hard drive: 500 GB minimum,
  • Screen: 14 inches minimum,
  • Connectivity: WIFI and LAN,
  • Ports: Minimum of one USB 3.0 port.

We recommend purchasing an external numeric keyboard if your laptop does not already have one.

Required software: Microsoft 365 for Windows or Mac (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).

A young woman and her elderly grandmother share a joyful moment in a bright kitchen setting.

Admissions Criteria

Exceptions to these admission criteria may be applied.

Every application is reviewed by the College.

To be eligible for acceptance into an ACS program, applicants are generally required to meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have interrupted their full-time studies for at least two (2) consecutive semesters or one (1) full school year; or

  • Have followed post-secondary studies for a period of at least one (1) year; or

  • Have a Secondary School Diploma (DES) or a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS), and the program allows them to receive a technical training that is not available in a DCS program; or

  • Have an equivalent education or an instruction deemed sufficient and meet the admission criteria set for college studies.

Academic Dates

LaSalle College has three annual start dates: fall, winter, and summer.

We accept applications at any time. Registration is open year-round.

Processing time:

  • Canadian applicants: up to two weeks,
  • International applicants: up to six months.

Submit your application as soon as possible to ensure a spot in your desired semester.

Note that applications are not processed until all required, validated documents and admission fees are received.

List of Courses

ACS programs are based on DCS program curricula, but do not have general education courses like French, English, or Philosophy.

Concentration Courses

  • Work Functions of a Private Senior-Citizen Home (60 h)
  • Intervention Adapted to Seniors (45 h)
  • Internship in Hygienic Care and Support for Senior Citizens (60 h)
  • Management Context and Client Approach (60 h)
  • Sales and Marketing in a Senior Citizen Home (45 h)
  • Operating Budgets in a Home (45 h)
  • Client Activity Techniques (45 h)
  • Human Resources Management and Supervision (60 h)
  • Risk Management and Continuous Quality Improvement (60 h)
  • Food and Beverage Supervision in Senior-Citizen Home (45 h)
  • Technical Maintenance and Building (45 h)
  • Internship (75 h)

* The College reserves the right to substitute some courses.

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