Digital Transformation: Is Your Tech up to Speed?

We are about to step into a modern territory that is smart, sustainable, and suited to your unique educational path.
A young woman in a pink sweatshirt works on her laptop in a classroom filled with other focused students.

Is your tech up to speed?

We are already working hard to welcome our new students for next semester, and we believe it will be even more exciting. Not only are we soon delivering new buildings in Vancouver and Barcelona, but we also took that opportunity to invest in the most innovative technologies that will elevate learning experiences to new heights... And good news for Montréal students – they are also getting the new tech.

Are you a current or new student for the Fall semester? We want to maximize your experience by ensuring your tech is up to speed! Consider verifying that your device meets all the essential requirements that we determined. If it's not compliant, consider treating yourself with a new laptop in order to start your session fully equipped for success!

By harnessing cloud technology and reducing the dependency on physical hardware, we're minimizing redundancy and, obviously, cutting down on electronic waste – which not only reflects our commitment to adaptability and student empowerment but also harmonizes with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a framework embraced by LCI Education.

Consult the minimum requirements for my program

What does this mean for our learners?

1. Ensure your device is ready

  • Verify that your current device complies with the requirements.

2. Flexibility at your fingertips

  • Utilize your own device, a tool you're already familiar with, to boost your productivity and tailor your learning experience to your own personal style.
  • Enjoy the liberty to study and work from any location, supported by our robust remote and hybrid learning models.
  • Escape the constraints linked to the traditional physical hardware.

3. An Elevated Learning Experience

  • Take advance of the latest software and educational tools via cloud-based services, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date resources you need.
  • Customize your own device to align perfectly with your educational goals, needs and preferences.

4. A Community Dedicated to Sustainability

  • Be a privileged witness of a positive impact on the environment by reducing the demand for physical hardware and lessening electronic waste.
  • Encourage the use of energy-efficient technology, knowing your personal device is kept up-to-date and functioning optimally.
  • Take some of your classes online, reducing your carbon footprint commuting to campus.

To guarantee your success in the program, we've crafted a detailed checklist of requirements. Ensure you're fully equipped and ready to excel by reviewing this mandatory list!

We are about to step into a modern territory that is smart, sustainable, and suited to your unique educational path. As you prepare to join an LCI Education institution, you aren’t just embracing your future — you're creating it!

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