Fashion Trip: Discovering the Fashion Scene Backstage in New York

A group of fashion students from the College left Montréal for a few days to visit the icons and exhibitions of one of the four major fashion capitals: New York.

A group of fashion students from the College, accompanied by their teachers and guides, Yolande Nesseth and Lili Desrochers, left Montréal for a few days to visit the icons and exhibitions of one of the four major fashion capitals: New York.


Day 1: Industry Encounters

Their journey began with meetings with several of our former students who have made their mark in the fashion industry in New York. Over lunch at the Québec General Delegation offices, they discovered the inspiring journeys, often filled with doubts and challenges, of these now well-established professionals.

"My favourite part of the trip was meeting the alumnus and feeling confident about being a part of LaSalle College. Such a lovely atmosphere and they were so open to talk about a lot of their experiences, good or bad." - Mehr Kalra

Their day continued with a visit to the headquarters and archives of Gap. They had the privilege of meeting the company's design and buying team, diving into the creative processes and strategic decisions that shape one of the world's most well-known clothing brands.


Day 2: Icons and Inspirations

On the second day, our students enjoyed a guided tour of the new iconic Tiffany & Co. store on 5th Avenue. Amidst breathtaking architecture and decor and surrounded by some of the world's most coveted jewelry, they were immersed in the luxury and craftsmanship that define this legendary brand.

"The Tiffany visit was beautiful, and I learned so much about so many different artists and art. The guided tour was once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it." - Mehr Kalra

Their journey continued at Bergdorf Goodman, where they gained insight into the art of window display design. This informative lecture on the nuances of visual merchandising was followed by a visit to the iconic store, culminating in a "lunch and learn" session with a panel of brand employees (human resources, buyers, merchandisers, and sales advisors).

To conclude their day and enrich their understanding of the history and evolution of fashion, the students visited the "Women dressing Women" exhibition at the MET's Costume Institute.


Day 3: Creativity and Technique

The final day of their trip took them to the FIT Museum, where they visited two exhibitions: "Statement Sleeves" and "Untying the Bow." From the extravagant allure of puff sleeves to the timeless elegance of bows, each exhibition offered them a glimpse into the creative possibilities of fashion and design.



This inspiring journey is always highly appreciated by our students, who shared their thoughts on their experience:

"I learned that I have to work hard to master the industry. New York is a city where I've always dreamed of working, and Yolande and Lili allowed us to interact with many industry specialists." - Mehr Kalra

"My favourite part of the trip was meeting new people! I got to meet some Fashion Marketing students. These types of trips can give us a chance to mix both Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing students because eventually, we’ll probably work with each other in the future." - Brian Nasis


Special thanks

Thanks to our two passionate teachers, Lili and Yolande, for providing our students with this unique and enriching experience. Every year, our students have the opportunity to participate in the Fashion Trip to New York in February, as well as the one in Europe, to Paris and London, in May.

And as if that weren't enough, this fall, they will have the newly added opportunity to travel to Barcelona as part of their "Innovations" course. To sign up for Fashion Trips or for more information, you can email and follow @voyagesmodecollegelasalle on social media.