Meet our Fashion Marketing 2.0!

Fashion marketing just got better! In this dynamic program, you will immerse yourself in the captivating world of fashion merchandising, where creativity and marketing meet to create a stimulating combination.
A young fashion designer focused on her laptop in a vibrant studio, surrounded by a colorful array of textured garments hanging in the background.

Fashion Marketing just got better! 

In this dynamic program, you will immerse yourself in the captivating world of fashion merchandising, where creativity and marketing meet to create a stimulating combination.  

From fashion product development to ecommerce management, the Fashion Marketing program takes a hands-on approach, with projects that can be customized to suit individual interests. We’ve made changes to reflect more our students’ interests and creativity. What hasn’t changed however is our teachers’ passion for the topics and the high-quality education we strive to offer. 


A diverse group of fashion designers collaborates on a project, discussing fabric choices and designs on a busy studio table, surrounded by vibrant clothing samples.


What's new?

The program focuses on giving students’ knowledge and skills in five different spheres of Fashion: marketing, products, culture, business management, and communication. Our new approach to Fashion Marketing personalizes the content of multiple courses and adds new technological components like social media and e-commerce tools. We have made sure that no courses are the same and we have also added two new courses.

Methodology - This isn't just a course; it's your gateway to a future where you confidently tackle challenges, captivate audiences, and stand out as a master of your craft. Our program is designed to seamlessly integrate fundamental concepts such as research excellence and powerful visual presentations into each course, ensuring you not only learn but thrive in every academic endeavor.

Innovation - With a dedicated 15 hours for each subject, you'll dive deep into the latest trends and innovations shaping the professional landscape. Here are some exciting topics you’ll work on: the ChatGPT revolution, mastering TikTok tactics, the evolution of E-commerce, and much more.


Shape Your Future with a Stellar Portfolio

The Fashion Marketing program offers many opportunities for students to put what they have learned to the test with events, fashion trips, and competitions like:


#SMCL (Semaine de la mode du Collège LaSalle)

LaSalle College’s Fashion Night (SMCL) is an evening organized and marketed by third-semester students, featuring creations from a variety of local boutiques, emerging designers and a few student creations. From clothing rental to concept art direction and promotion, this event offers hands-on experience to participating students.


A model walks the runway in an innovative, sculptural outfit during a fashion show, spotlighting futuristic design under dramatic lighting.



With its Dragon’s Den concept, the annual Fashion Marketing ‘’Entreprise’’ event highlights the innovative concepts of the graduates, putting into practice the knowledge and tools acquired during their three years of college studies, as well as tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit.


A diverse group of thirteen professionals smiling for a group photo on a stage illuminated by blue stage lights, representing a mix of casual and formal attire at a conference event.


Fashion trips to New York, Paris, and London

The program offers its students the chance to enrich their learning with two school trips that explore the world’s major fashion capitals: New York and Paris-London. 100% tailor-made fashion itineraries offering visits to industry-related sites, schools, museums, and guided tours.


A multicultural group of twelve tourists, exhibiting a mix of casual and stylish attire, poses in front of the iconic Louvre Pyramid in Paris, capturing a moment of their cultural exploration.


Collaboration projects with key industry actors

What sets the Fashion marketing program apart from other programs is the closely knit relationship we nurture with industry actors, which allows for students to get exciting opportunities and internships. Our teachers create term projects in relation to industry trends and find active companies to act as clients for students’ projects.


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