May 2023, what a month for our students!

Last May was quite the eventful month at the College. With the Graduation, Signature, E23, the regional final for the Global Student Entrepreneurship Contest and the Peruvian Gastronomic Week, we’re definitely proud of our students! Here’s a quick rundown of these events in case you missed any of them.
A collage showcasing various professional moments: culinary arts, academic achievement, business award, and fashion show.



A group of jubilant graduates in black gowns and caps celebrating, tossing their caps into the air in a bright hall.



A chapter in the lives of our graduates came to a close on May 13 and 14 with three graduation ceremonies at the Pavillon du Grand Quai, hosted by Bianca Simard, Student Content Coordinator and 2020 LaSalle College graduate.

It was the perfect opportunity for friends, family and teachers to come and celebrate the efforts of our graduates. A memorable day for our graduates, who will forever be part of the great LaSalle College community. The friendships forged at Collège LaSalle will live on.

Relive the highlights in pictures :

Graduation 2023 - May 13

Graduation 2023 - May 14

Let's stay friends



The work of several graduating students was showcased in the exhibition hall of the Pavillon du Grand Quai. It was an ideal opportunity to showcase the boundless talent of our graduates in a wide range of disciplines, including photography, video games, graphic design, make-up artistry, fashion and more.

Discover the Exhibition and photobooth



Two presenters, one holding a microphone, addressing an audience on stage with lighting effects in the background.


In partnership with Squarespace, the Fashion Marketing program's annual E23 event was presented on May 2 to a packed house, hosted by Debbie Zakaib. The evening was an opportunity to discover the innovative concepts of graduates putting into practice the knowledge and tools acquired during their three years of college studies, as well as tapping into their entrepreneurial fibre.

The four E23 experts, Inder Bedi of Bedi Studios, Pascal Cloutier of Simons, Eva Hartling of The Brand Is Female and Kim Mendelson of Kim&Co, were mandated to evaluate the entrepreneurial projects. The PERIOD team won the public vote for the best E23 business concept.

The event also served as a graduation ceremony, with several students receiving eight individual awards and scholarships in recognition of their academic or entrepreneurial excellence. The Prix alumnus E23 was awarded to Marilyne Gagné, a 1999 graduate who founded the successful company Dermapure.


Canada's biggest fashion show made a comeback after the pandemic, in its traditional catwalk format. Nearly 300 creations were presented, showcasing the exceptional talent of LaSalle College's Fashion Design graduates in three performances bursting with color and style.

Over 1,500 spectators admired the boundless talent of our 72 students in a show that won the acclaims the public and media alike.


Our fashion design graduates had the chance to showcase their creations during the evening's three performances. A number of industry greats were on hand, including Patsy Gallant, Geneviève Borne, Zach Zoya, Laurence Morisset, Coco Labbée, Emy Lalune and Stéphane Le Duc, to name but a few.

Each performance closed with our proud graduates walking the runway with one of their creation to their side. The atmosphere was festive, and our guests made it clear that our students had succeeded in impressing many! The vibrancy and creativity of the show had been something to behold.

The 2020-2023 cohort presented an exceptional fashion show that will go down in the history of the Collège. 

Relive the Evening

The creations

The red carpet

Short video  La Presse

Discover the virtual showroom

Listen to the official SIGNATURE 2023 fashion show playlist on Spotify.

You can now listen to your favorite songs from the show on a loop!




A man and a woman proudly display an oversized boarding pass after winning at an LCI Education network entrepreneurship competition.


Organized by the LCI Éducation network and in collaboration with our campuses in Tunisia and Morocco, the International Student Entrepreneurship Competition is open to all Collège LaSalle students who have a business idea they'd like to put into practice. 4 teams competed in the final, and only one emerged victorious. Team Inner Sense (Andrea Llosa and Leo Giraldo) won the cash prize and a trip to Tunis, where they will take part in the world final on June 15. Send them your encouragement!


Thank your all for your participation and go team Inner Sense!




Chefs in white uniforms are meticulously garnishing soup dishes in a professional kitchen, coordinating their efforts for service.



La Classe's students had their talents put to the test as we celebrated a week of Peruvian cuisine. In addition to their usual tasks, they had to prepare a 50-cover dinner for a Peruvian delegation hosting representatives from 17 countries!


We'd like to highlight our student's professionalism and the excellence they demonstrated throughout this thematic week.


Well done to everyone!


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