Stéphane Le Duc, an Official LaSalle College Ambassador

A new famous ambassador in the Québec fashion industry is joining the College and announcing the arrival of a new major project
Two men pose at a fashion event, one in a red blazer, another in a white suit, with stylish backdrops.

The Grand Duc has landed at the College! Well-known in fashion and journalism for his many talents and projects over the years, Stéphane Le Duc has recently donned yet another hat, becoming an ambassador for LaSalle College.

With more than 30 years of experience as a fashion journalist, teacher, exhibition curator, producer, director, host and much more, Stéphane Le Duc has made a name for himself in Québec’s fashion industry.

As for LaSalle College, with its legendary fashion events and shows and renowned graduates such as Denis Gagnon, Marie Saint Pierre, Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert, Mathieu Caron and many others, it is also no stranger to the fashion industry. It only makes sense for these two worlds to finally collide!

Stéphane Le Duc has previously worked with the College on countless occasions, including:

1. The Mathieu Caron (figure skating costume designer) conference

From a student at LaSalle College to a favored designer for Olympic artistic skaters. The conference will begin shortly.

2. The Thierry-Maxime Loriot (museum curator and writer) conference

Two speakers engage in an animated conversation on stage, captivating the audience with their exchange.

3. The stage costume design project for singer Sally Folk

A diverse team of designers poses with confidence against an artistic backdrop, showcasing their collective talent.

4. And many others!

Two fashion figures stand before a striking foil backdrop, exuding style at a fashion event.

Stéphane le Duc at the Mode + Design Festival.

A fashion designer in a bold red blazer stands confidently, with a dynamic digital display in the background.

Stéphane Le Duc at the SIGNATURE fashion show.

His arrival as an ambassador is providing the College with a breath of fresh air as well as a host of new projects and opportunities.

Watch for Inspira, LaSalle College’s new project hosted—of course—by our new ambassador, Stéphane Le Duc!

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