Inclusivity Project: An important step towards greater inclusivity at LaSalle College

To promote greater inclusivity for all its students, LaSalle College is announcing two important initiatives that will be launched during the 2022-2023 school year!
A graphic representation of diverse individuals promoting inclusivity.

As part of its deepest values and its educational mission, the College has always been concerned with fostering greater inclusivity for all its students, regardless of their ethnicity or gender identity.

LaSalle College is therefore announcing two major initiatives that will be launched during the 2022-2023 school year. These will be of particular interest to our members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community as well as our international students.

Addition of the non-binary option

To reject the social construct that we are either a man or a woman, all our future students can now select the option non-binary when registering at the College*.

Some may identify as neither male nor female, or both. We want to give them the option to define themselves by their identity.

Our current students wishing to benefit from this new initiative might eventually have the option to make a request in this regard. More details will be available soon.

*The choice of gender must be the same as indicated on the student's government papers. 

Chosen first name

As of this winter, our students will be able to use their first name of choice during their daily activities at the College.

Whether it is to allow our students from the LGBTQIA2S+ community to use a first name that better reflects their gender identity, or to allow our international students to simplify their first name to facilitate interactions in their foster society, the chosen first name will be prioritized in all communications and interactions at the College, by teachers and peers, but also:

  • in the Omnivox class lists;
  • in their institutional email address;
  • in their work and examinations;
  • in all documents and communications that do not require the use of the legal first name.

Please note that any official documentation and government procedure will always use the student's legal name.

Regardless of their country of origin, their social status, their look or their definition, LaSalle College students will always be welcomed with open arms, hence our slogan “Come as you are!”. Together, let's make the world grow!

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