Back to School

A festive ambiance for the start of the 2022 school year

Each year, we provide our students and staff with a fun back-to-school experience that takes away the stress and creates a fun atmosphere.
A DJ mixing music at an event setup with large speakers and pink balloons.

Once again this year, our Students Affairs Service has outdone itself in order to offer our students a spectacular back-to-school experience. Each year, the College provides its students and staff with a fun back-to-school experience that allows them to forget about stress and create a fun atmosphere, even in the classroom.

Outside the College, students were greeted with a bubble machine, which immediately created a festive atmosphere, before they even enter the front door. On the mezzanine floor was a team of students ready to answer questions and concerns of new students and make them feel comfortable.

Attendees in yellow shirts at an exhibition booth, engaging with a visitor.

There was also a photobooth, music from a professional DJ and large lighted balloons. Everything was perfectly set up to create a celebratory atmosphere in the College.

A DJ focused on mixing tracks at his console during an event.

To top it all off, the College had installed arcade machines, a mini-golf game, and a ping pong table, that were available for students and staff to enjoy.

People enjoying a game of ping pong in a relaxed indoor setting with origami decorations overhead. People playing mini golf indoors with a modern neon light installation in the background.

As soon as noon struck, sandwiches, punch, and desserts came out as everyone enjoyed the music of our professional DJ!

Guests sampling various dishes at a food tasting event, with a festive ambiance.

We can say that the back-to-school 2022 was a great success if the smiles on the faces of the students and staff members are any indication.

Three friends smiling and posing for a photo at an arcade, with games in the background.

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