Mr Jacques Marchand is Appointed to the Order of Excellence in Education

Mr. Jacques Marchand has been appointed as a member of the Order of Excellence in Education by the Minister of Education, on the recommendation of the Order of Excellence in Education Council.
A joyful award ceremony with two officials presenting a certificate of recognition to a delighted honoree.

This year, Mr. Jacques Marchand has been appointed as a member of the Order of Excellence in Education by the Minister of Education, on the recommendation of the Order of Excellence in Education Council.

This honor recognizes Mr. Marchand’s contribution to the Québec education system based on his accomplishments and actions throughout his career, be it through his innovation and the impact of his contribution on his community, through the influence and recognition of his actions, or through the duration of his involvement.

A spirit of innovation behind many internationally recognized academic institutions

Since 1987, thanks to Mr. Jacques Marchand’s vision and spirit of innovation, the then General Director of LaSalle College was able to find solutions to offset the shrinking population in Québec. By setting his sights on international students, he personally led multiple recruitment missions in the field, particularly to North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 1989, with his associate, he ventured into the international arena with the opening of the first LaSalle College campus in Morocco. These initiatives would result in the development of the international network that would become the LCI Education network, which currently boasts 23 higher education institutions worldwide.

“Jacques Marchand relied on the expertise he gained during his numerous overseas trips to not only develop knowledge in Québec but also to export it by developing an international network of educational institutions that promotes Québec’s educational model throughout the world. Each year, LaSalle College educates a large number of international students who return to their own countries with a diploma from Québec and who then also become ambassadors for Québec,” says Claude Marchand, General Director at LaSalle College Montréal and CEO of LCI Education.

True pioneers in Québec when it comes to e-learning, in 2001 Jacques Marchand and his team offered the first fashion marketing program to students. Today, the organization is an undisputed leader in e-learning in the country.

Lastly, Mr. Marchand and his team are responsible for Québec’s first university programs in fashion. Realizing that no fashion programs existed in Québec and after approaching the Ministère de l’Éducation (Department of Education), in 1995, they founded the École supérieure de mode de Montréal, the fruit of a partnership between the Université du Québec à Montréal and the LaSalle College Group. This partnership led to the creation of the first university study program in French in North America.

40 years at LaSalle College’s helm

Jacques Marchand lead an inspiring career that enabled LaSalle College to earn significant local and international acclaim.

Hired by Jean-Paul Morin, Founder and CEO of LaSalle College, Mr. Marchand started his adventure at LaSalle College in 1979 as Director of Educational Services. In 1983, he became CEO and joint owner.

In 1989, the College began its international expansion and inaugurated its first Moroccan institution, with a campus in Casablanca and another in Rabat. This was the beginning of the business now known as the LCI Education network.

In 2008, Jacques became the sole owner of the business, which has locations in 10 countries, with nearly 20 institutions on 4 continents.

“Because he played a major part in making LaSalle College the largest bilingual private college in North America and because his unifying and entrepreneurial leadership has driven him to constantly innovate, in 2013, Jacques Marchand was awarded the prestigious Builders Award by the Association des collèges privés du Québec (ACPQ – Association of Private Colleges of Québec). Jacques Marchand received this honor for all his work in the educational community in Québec and internationally,” explains Claude Marchand.

Today, Jacques Marchand focuses his time and energy on actively supporting musicians, artists, and classical music organizations as a sponsor.

A proud recipient stands with a certificate of excellence in education, signifying a prestigious honor.

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