Get Paid to Learn: A Unique Option in Hospitality and Management

Students in Hotel Management Technique and Business Management can now get part of their education in the field and get paid too through work integrated learning (WIL).
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Since fall 2020, our Hotel Management Technique students have been able to register for the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) – Remunerated option.

This is a very attractive option both for students who want to gain experience in their field and for employers facing labor shortages, so we have expanded this option to also include our Business Management students, starting in fall 2022.

Practical, remunerated learning

WIL enables students to get a part of their education in their field and to get paid to do it.

This option certainly offers many benefits, but do not confuse it with the familiar concept of internships. In fact, unlike internships, which are often limited to a single semester and add extra more time on top of an academic program, WIL is truly incorporated in the students’ education and is included in their evaluations. This means that successfully completing their work in the company is treated in the same way as successfully passing a course.

Nearly 50% of the time spent learning takes place immersed in professional life, and this begins as early as the first semester. A LaSalle College teacher and a supervisor from the business will join forces to provide the student with a practical and complete education.

At LaSalle College, students are provided with the training they need to easily and effectively enter the job market and stand out right from the start. This option gives them the chance to take advantage of practical training and to more quickly assimilate the skills they were taught, while at the same time earning competitive wages and building relevant industry connections.

LaSalle College is currently the only school in Montréal to offer the remunerated WIL option.

A career accelerator

Once they earn their DEC in Hotel Management Technique or Business Management, graduates will already have acquired three years of work experience. As a result of their increased employability, their chances of landing a better position right out of school, such as in supervisory or management roles, are considerably higher.

During their studies, students will also have had the opportunity to develop strong relationships with industry players in Québec and will be able to leverage these relationships to find a job after graduation.

In addition, the actual structure of the two programs provides graduates with a considerable advantage. With courses that cover all aspects of hotel or business management, including marketing, human resources, and even accounting, the program imparts a wide range of skills.

This is a tremendous asset in such dynamic fields that require knowledge in many different areas!

Hospitality - a dynamic industry

Working from 9 to 5 confined in a cubicle is not for everyone, but in a hotel, days are anything but routine! You can work at the front desk, in the restaurant, in accommodations, in marketing, in event planning, and more. The fields of activity are as numerous as they are varied.

With the sudden uptick in tourism, accommodations are in desperate need of staff. They are constantly updating to offer a unique experience to a population that is traveling more and more.

Hospitality students who opt for the WIL option can divide their time spent learning between LaSalle College and our partner businesses, such as the Fairmont Hotels and Resorts chain.

The world of management: so many opportunities

Some people thrive on a challenge and have a need to grow in an environment that requires quick and strategic decision-making. The world of management, marketing, and entrepreneurship is certainly a great option for anyone who needs to be challenged!

With a DEC in Business Management, the opportunities are virtually endless and the challenges are limitless. This option can enable a graduate to try out multiple sectors within a business and also give them the tools to manage a team or a business.

Business students who opt for the WIL option will divide their time spent learning between the LaSalle College and our partner businesses, such as La Vie en Rose and Decathlon.

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