Students are taking their graduation ceremony by storm!

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Graduates celebrate their achievements online, a sign of the times.

A written statement by Lydia Boisvert, a graduate of the Event Planning and Management program and member of the ceremony's organizing committee.

Last Wednesday, December 15 at 6:00 p.m., the Graduation Ceremony of LaSalle College's remote learning programs officially took place.

Graduates, their families and friends, as well as the tutors who have accompanied them throughout their journey, gathered on Teams to celebrate the end of the final semester!

During this festive evening where 108 people were present, the students were all honored through several accomplishments, projects, and testimonials.

Although this evening was special for all graduates, for five students in Event Planning and Management, the graduation ceremony was even more special because they took care of organizing it themselves.

From the marketing of the event, the elaboration of protocols and the design of graphic documents in the College's colors, nothing was forgotten!

Many of the students had no idea, when they enrolled in a complete online program, that an event would be created specifically for them upon graduation, which added to the sense of pride they felt and generated a host of positive comments.

‘’Even though our program is online, it's very pleasant to acknowledge us’’
- Walquiria Hernandez Parades

‘’You all did a great job! Well done to all of you and congratulations! It is much appreciated!’’
- Jade Champagne

The setting up

It was through a MIO that was sent to the students at the beginning of October that the whole process began.

After expressing their interest in participating in this type of project and acquiring concrete experience in their field, the students had the chance to meet with the administrative coordinator, Nathalie Gomez, as well as the professors Liza Koftikian & André Dallaire, who guided and encouraged them through each step of the process.

Creating a virtual event for over 100 guests in the space of 9 weeks was, at first glance, daunting. However, thanks to the constant support of the staff, the positive attitude within the team and the desire of everyone to make this ceremony a memorable moment, the graduation of the 2020 - 2021 cohort was a success in which the entire team is extremely proud!

A special mention to Malaika Stephy Moody, Amélie Carrier, Nounortho Aissata Dehame Soro, Andrew Lin and Lydia Boisvert for their involvement and all the efforts put into this first edition.

Once again, thank you to all the team and participants who made this event a success, and especially, congratulations to the new graduates!

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