Happy birthday to the LaSalle des petits Daycare!

Today, January 6, the LaSalle College Daycare is celebrating 10 years of passion, love, devotion, innovation and creativity.
Smiling faces present a special 10th-anniversary T-shirt.

Today, LaSalle des petits Daycare is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Ten years of love, devotion, passion, sharing and amazement to help tomorrow's generation grow...

Ten years ago, Guerlaine Guerrier approached us to help create an innovative and creative daycare service and a learning environment for future educators. Ten years later, Guerlaine is still the director of the daycare and has made it her life's work. She shares her passion for helping children with us every day!

To celebrate the anniversary of the LaSalle des petits Daycare, its staff is committed to helping 10 causes or organizations during the 2021-2022 school year:


Chez Doris

Maman Dion Foundation

Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

Summer Camp in Haiti (Christmas toys donation to the children)

Open letter from the Director of LaSalle de Petits Daycare, Guerlaine Guerrier:

LaSalle des petits Daycare celebrates its 10th anniversary...

Ten years ago, when I returned from Nunavik, I was still wondering what would motivate me to reach my full potential. Little did I know that a simple request to the human resources team at LaSalle College to help them open their daycare (LaSalle des petits) would turn out to be my life's work project, in fact, one of my greatest accomplishments so far.

So much energy has gone into this project, which has found its place in the heart of downtown. It is with love, passion, and perseverance that I have worked to make this daycare a great establishment where one can find the human warmth of a family environment, a distinct atmosphere, a reassuring security and an environment that is as stimulating as it is professional.

Very early on, when I was in contact with the little ones, I understood that the parents were offering us the privilege of being part of their family and participating in the education of their children.

Here, parents and educators form a great team, there is a sense of deep respect and mutual trust. Throughout the last ten years, in addition to the staff, I have been able to count on the support of the parents who have always been enthusiastically committed to the project and have watched it evolve. I am extremely grateful to all the parents who have placed their trust in me.

It is because of them, the children and the staff that we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the LaSalle des petits Daycare throughout the year 2021-2022 (official opening date: January 6, 2012). It is a great pride to have been able to see the children of the same family grow up.

The value of LaSalle des petits Daycare comes from the fact that the commitment of the employees is sincere and authentic. The staff is dedicated, creative and respectful of the child. Our establishment is distinguished by its staff. I have been fortunate to work with great people who are incredibly precious to me and have extraordinary patience to be with the children day after day. Pythagoras said that "a man is never as big as when he is on his knees to help a child.’’

What could be better than working with the little ones who are the generation of tomorrow?

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