Gain a better understanding of our various Computer Science DECs and a clearer picture of the differences between them

What are the main differences between the DEC in Programming, Video Game Programming and Network and Security Management at LaSalle College, and what are the job prospects?
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With March 1st fast approaching, it is finally time to choose your college program, and you may be wondering about the many options available to you. Fortunately, we are here to guide you and help you make an informed decision.

DEC in Computer Science Technology - Programming

Our Computer Science Technology - Programming course trains future computer science Developers. More specifically, you will learn how to develop web and mobile applications, such as Android or iOS, websites or web services and object-based applications.

You will master the most common programming languages in computer science: C#, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, (X)HTML, CSS, and many more. You will also learn to use the most important development platforms: Visual Studio Net, Eclipse, Adobe, .Net Framework, among others.

Here is an overview of the various courses you will have in your program:

  • Algorithm and Programming
  • Computer Architecture
  • Operating Systems and Networking
  • Web Client Development
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Mobile Development (Android and iOS)
  • Multiplatform Mobile Development
  • Trends in Technology
  • Etc.

DEC in Computer Science Technology – Video Game Programming

The Computer Science Technology - Video Game Programming course is similar to the first one in terms of programming languages, databases, methodologies and operating systems. You will also have a few courses in common, such as Applied Mathematics in Computer Science and Databases.

However, there are important differences between the courses offered in each program and the concepts you will be taught will be specific to the video game industry. You will master the programming languages and development platforms that are used in the video game world and that are actually used by today's professionals.

All this with the goal of becoming a specialist in this industry and establishing your own place in it, whether it be in Engine Programming, Gameplay or Animation, in 3D or Game Design, or in Game Testing and Quality Assurance.

Here are some of the specific video game related courses you will have:

  • Profession and Industry
  • Object Oriented Programming and Concepts
  • Applied Mathematics for Video Game
  • Game Engine
  • Information System and Project Methodologie
  • Applied Statistics for Video Game
  • Graphical Environment
  • Etc.
Concepts of game programming and design highlighted around a game controller.

DEC in Computer Science Technology – Network and Security Management

The Computer Science Technology – Network and Security Management program covers the part of computer science that is more related to networks, servers, cloud computing and cyber security.

With your knowledge and skills in monitoring, managing, and implementing networks, you could become a Computer Network or Network Security Technician, Computer Analyst, Network Manager, System Administrator, and much more.

During your training, here are some of the concepts you will be studying:

  • Installation and Configuration of a Free Operating System
  • Programming and Scripting Langages
  • Connecting Networks
  • Security of a Network Infrastructure
  • Advanced IP Routing
  • Implementation of Network Services
  • Administration of Open Source Network services
  • Etc.

p.s. The College is committed to providing students with hands-on learning and teaching them how to use current softwares. In fact, in addition to being a member of the prestigious Cisco Academy network, we can also offer you important learning platforms and tools like Imagine Academy and DreamSpark. There is nothing better to add to your resume than several relevant certifications for your employers.

A smartphone with a security lock symbolizes IT and network protection.

Good to know…

To make your time with us more memorable, you can join our very active and involved computer club, Club INT. Club INT members organize activities, gaming tournaments, and much more, in order to stay connected with new technologies, and of course, with each other.

Also, each year, we offer our computer science students a packed week of conferences, workshops, and mini courses in the field of technology: TechWeek. The most popular topics and trends in computer science are addressed by experienced and recognized experts in their field.

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