Innovators in Technology Club

A tutor leaning on a desk and explaining concepts to a group of her students during a seminar at university.
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Innovators in Technology (INT) Club

The Innovators in Technology (INT) student association is designed for students enrolled in Computer Science Technology programs.

Students studying computer programming, network management or video game programming are able to take part in a wide variety of events, workshops and projects in IT.

The INT maintains solid connections with companies that contribute to promoting the world of technology and information in Montreal.

What’s more, INT organizes annual events like Technology Week, as well as regular workshops held by industry professionals on subjects such as GitHub, Agile/Scrum methods and Drupal.

Innovative Women in Technology (WINT)

One of the great and unique assets of the INT is the presence of brilliant and inspiring women who have a positive influence in this traditionally male-dominated sector.

Innovative Women in Technology (WINT) helps to promote this area of study among future generations of women. They not only serve as role models, but also participate in mentoring and tutoring programs.

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