Closely follow your progression of academic success

Omnivox allows you to:

  • Access your schedule
  • Print your schedule, progression chart and official grades
  • Order a reminder phone call when a class is cancelled
  • Obtain results for placement exams and standard language examinations as well as your R** score at the end of each semester
  • vVew your cumulative presence and absences in class.

*Omnivox cannot make long-distance calls.

** The R score is a statistical method used in Québec that aims to measure the performance of college level students in light of their admission to a competitive university program. (Source: Wikipedia)

Omnivox will also guide you in the obtainment of important documents, such as:

  • The public transportation (STM) reduced fare form;
  • The sheets used for income tax returns, the tuition certificate, academic expenses amount for textbook (T2202 A) and the amount for post-secondary education (Statement 8).

You may also continue to have access to Omnivox even after you have completed your studies. 

Omnivox is a web-based service also accessible via an automated phone system at 514 908-0525.

Important dates

A person scheduling tasks on a digital calendar on their laptop, alongside a smartphone displaying the time. 

Modifications or corrections brought to the academic calendar throughout the semester are available on Omnivox and take precedence over the student agenda. LaSalle College reserves the right to modify the present calendar without notice.

The academic calendar counts 14 five-day weeks followed by an examination period that is based on the schedule determined by the study directorate.

Your student card

During your first semester of studies, you will receive an student ID card that will allow you to benefit from student privileges.

This student ID is mandatory to do exams, in the computer lab and at the Documentation Centre. It serves also to participate in sport and other extra-curricular activities. The ID card may also be requested at any time by security.

Second and third year students can validate their ID card during re-registration. In case of loss, go to the Documentation Centre to take your picture and reissue a new ID. Costs are incurred.

Reserve a locker

A deposit is required to use a locker. You must empty your locker before May 20th each year. After this date, the contents of the locker will be kept for 14 days and will be given to charity if it is not redeemed. To get a refund for your deposit, you must go back to the cashier office with your receipt once your locker has been emptied.

Padlocks are not provided by the College and must be removed by the end of the year. If not, your padlock will be cut by maintenance. It is also impossible to change lockers during the year. The College is not responsible for theft or loss of personal items left in the locker.

Buying your books

Books and school supplies are essential to your studies. Students must present themselves to their first class with their school material. A student who does not have his mandatory books and supplies for class could be refused access to class by his or her teacher.

Rules and conventions of the College

In ordre to create a stimulating learning environment, the College expects its students to get involved in student life. To foster a sense of professionalism in students, the College has implemented rules regarding punctuality, dress code, language, courtesy and etiquette. These rules will help students understand the value of proper conduct in the job market. Any behavior deemed inacceptable may lead to disciplinary measures and even expulsion. (Article 3.27). The procedure regarding disciplinary disputes can be found on Omnivox.

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