Financial aid

As an international student, it is your responsibility to ensure the necessary funds to complete your studies. The College can in no case assume financial responsibility for its students.

Most loans and bursaries are reserved for permanent residents and Canadian citizens studying full time. This being said, international students may also benefit of financial aid in certain cases.

Consult the Ministère des relations internationales website to find out if you are eligible for financial aid or a study bursary.

Consult the "Financial assistance for international students" page of the Gouvernement du Québec

Fund transfers

The safest way to transfer funds is via bank transfers. To do this, you must open a bank account as soon as you arrive in Montréal in a Canadian bank. Your country may impose some bank transfer restriction. Please inquire with your financial institution.

Due to possible delays in processing the transaction, be sure to have at hand a sufficient amount of money (cash or traveller's cheques) to cover two months worth of expenses. If however this amount exceeds $10 000, you must declare the amount at Canadian customs.

How to pay your tuition fees

All information about paying your tuition fees is sent to you with your registration. Find out available payment methods.

Managing your budget in Canada

At the airport, you have many exchange offices that will allow you to convert your money into Canadian currency. We do however strongly recommend you arrive with travel cheques in case these offices are closed when you arrive. It is also recommended to travel with cash for any emergency expense.

American money is accepted in many Canadian businesses. However, take note that some merchants will charge up to 15% more on top of the taxes for the exchange rate. Because of this, we recommend you change your American money into Canadian currency as well.

Keep in mind that it is best to keep all your cash, travelers cheques and important documents on board with you and not in your check in luggage. Each year we have students who loose their luggage and are stranded with no documents or cash. Avoid this situation all together.

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Exchanging your money into Canadian currency

If you transfer funds into a Canadian bank account, your money will automatically be exchanged into the Canadian dollar. The rates you are charged when you make bank fund transfers are the best on the market, generally. The rates do however vary from bank to bank. Note that any currency that is not displayed on the market will not be bought by any Canadian bank.

Here is a universal converter for your convenience.

Cancellation policy

LaSalle College will charge penalty fees for any departure prior to the date of the last semester stipulated in the admissions contract. In the event where Canadian authorities refuse to render a student permit (visa), these penalty fees will be lifted.

Should you decide to leave the College permanently, you must advise the College in the form of a letter, signed and dated, stipulating the reason for your departure or contract cancellation. The date of reception of this letter will determine the official departure date. To not show up in class does not represent a formal notification of departure.

Job opportunities

If you wish to find employment at the end of your studies, LaSalle College has at your disposition a free employment management service.

Work and study

Immigration laws allow full-time students with a study permit to work on the property of the educational institution they are attending. You do not need a study permit to work at LaSalle College.

Students who respond to certain eligibility criteria and obtain an off-campus work permit can work off the campus.

Eligible students can work part-time up to 20 hours and full time during the summer vacation. To be eligible, a student must have completed 6 months of full-time studies with a good academic standing.

For more information about obtaining a work-study permit visit this website.

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