Spotlight on Our Graduates

Elisa Marshall

Event Planning | AEC

Owner, Maman

Tell us a bit about your career path.

The foundation skills I learned at LaSalle College while doing my AEC program in Event Planning proved to be extremely valuable. The specialized programs, the teachers and the connections and relationships I made while studying there all played a role as major stepping stones in my career.

Although life has led me into a different direction away from event planning, the knowledge and skills I acquired at LaSalle College has greatly contributed to my success, as they can be applied in many different industries, including restaurant management.

I opened my first bakery and café in New York City in 2014. Today, Maman has five locations in New York City, and one in Toronto.

I am entertaining the idea of expanding towards the West Coast, but I don’t want Maman to lose its charm and attention to detail. I would like to expand the brand itself, perhaps launching a Maman pour Bébé line. I have many ideas for brand expansion, but it will all depend on what is feasible, and how many hours a night I want to sleep!

What advice would you give to our students in Event Planning?

My number one advice would be to say yes whenever you can and to be open to opportunities that may come your way. I know far too many people who are too scared to make a move or shake up their life to pursue their passion and what they love to do.

From changing jobs to grabbing a coffee with an old friend, all of these small decisions can open up a world of possibilities, whereas saying “no” or being too afraid will likely not.

Her business even made Oprah’s list of Favorite Things in 2017.

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