Spotlight on Our Graduates

Alicia Leo 

I chose to attend LaSalle College for its 3D Animation: Television and Cinema program and it was a wonderful experience. LaSalle College provided me the opportunity to learn about the CG world by gaining knowledge of every aspect related to 3D Animation.

Combined with the great atmosphere and engaged teachers and classmates, I was able to directly apply my skills and continue to grow from the knowledge I acquired. The teachers in the program were extremely helpful which aided my learning process. I have been able to remain in contact with my teachers and seek their advices even after graduating. This has allowed me to progress in my career path and continue in the right direction.

I graduated in 2011 and, since then, I have been able to achieve one of my career goals. I am currently a 3D animator at FAKE Digital Entertainment. I very much enjoy my field of work and am continually inspired by the talented people who have chosen the same field.

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