Corporate Social Responsibility

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The Metropolitan Fashion Clusters

Logo The Metropolitan Fashion Clusters 

The Metropolitan Fashion Cluster is an organization whose actions aim to identify the challenges facing the Québec fashion industry and to find solutions to foster its growth, make it more competitive and enhance its global reputation.

Mr. Claude Marchand, President and CEO of the LCI Education network, co-chairs mmode’s Human Resources, which aims to train the next generation of fashion professionals according to the needs and challenges of the industry. Mr. François Bousquet, Director of the International School of Fashion, Arts and Design at LaSalle College is an observer member of the Metropolitan Fashion Cluster.

Michèle Boulanger-Bussière Scholarship - LaSalle College

Since 2021, during the mmode Gala, the College has had the honor to offer the “Michèle Boulanger-Bussière Student Excellence Scholarship - LaSalle College” of $10,000 to a student to allow them to pursue their higher-level fashion studies.

This scholarship is offered in honor of a great woman of the fashion world who we lost in July 2021. Ms. Boulanger-Bussière made a significant contribution to the growth of the fashion industry in Québec. It is to her and to Mr. Jean-Paul-Morin that we owe the initial foundations of the fashion programs at LaSalle College.


Logo Academos 

Since 1999, Academos has been helping young people between the ages of 14 and 30 find the career they are passionate about through e-mentoring. On their platform, young people have the opportunity to talk with experts from different professional, academic and community backgrounds. In fact, many of our teachers and staff members have been mentors on their platform for many years!

LaSalle College partnered with Academos in 2016 to help young people make an informed college program choice so they would be able to work in the career of their dreams. Through articles, personal accounts and video clips, we want to highlight certain trades, shed light on our programs and introduce some of our educational innovations.

Youth Fusion

Logo Youth Fusion 

For a number of years, the College has been a proud supporter of Youth Fusion, an international organization whose mission is to contribute, among other things, to the academic perseverance, guidance and employability of young people, by implementing innovative experiential learning projects and, in doing so, building connections between schools and the community.

Founded in Québec in 2009, Youth Fusion offers the annual Future Education Festival to awaken the passions of young people through experiential learning.

Other social involvement

Year after year, our teachers demonstrate originality and compassion in order to offer their students experiences that combine learning and support. So, it is also through various benefit events or other social involvement that the College stands out on the Montréal stage.

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