A joyful man wearing glasses and headphones interacts with a tablet, sitting at a desk with office supplies and a notebook in a bright workspace.

Your work tools with you, wherever, whenever

Close-up of a college student dressed in casual wear, holding a laptop, indicative of a typical campus life. 

From its very beginning, LaSalle College has always been a pioneer in innovation and aims to continuously reinvent itself so that it is always at the cutting edge of technology, whatever the program. Since the Fall 2017, all new students registered for the first term of the programs listed below must come to class with their own laptop, which should meet the minimum requirements of the Bring Your Own Device project.

Students engaged in collaborative learning with laptops in a classroom, discussing and sharing ideas actively. 

Thanks to the Bring Your Own Device project, you will have your learning tools with you in class and outside the College, making studying and personal research easier. It also means you can increase your independence and have better control of your device to stimulate your creativity and simplify work. The Bring Your Own Device project will prepare you for the realities of what to expect both in class and on the job market as this method is increasingly popular among start-up companies.

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