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Processing Time

LaSalle College has three terms. Our two main terms start in August and January. We accept applications at any time.

We do our best to process them quickly, however, some files require additional processing time.

  • Canadian students: up to two weeks
  • International students: up to six months

We recommend submitting your application as soon as possible to ensure a spot is reserved for you in the desired term. See the upcoming back-to-school dates.

Please note that we do not begin to process your application until we have received ALL VALIDATED DOCUMENTS, as well as the ADMISSION FEE.

Processing time may be extended during the period before the August and January terms.

Already submitted your application?


Admission Process Steps


  1. Application and admission fees received
  2. File created
  3. Email sent to candidate specifying documents to provide
  4. All requested documents received
  5. Auditor validates all documents
  6. If file is approved, educational services contract is created
  7. Approved file sent to admissions advisor
  8. Educational services contract sent to candidate for signature
  9. Signed contract received and registration fees paid
  10. Registration confirmed

International students

We want to make our prospective students aware of the time frame for obtaining some of the required documents. It is your responsibility to act as soon as possible and make sure to have the document required on time.

Each step of the admission process is crucial. If a step is not completed, the applicant will not be able to proceed if the previous step has not been completed properly.

  1. Fill out your demand for Admission
  2. Make sure to have all the Required Documents
  3. Receipt of contract
  4. Electronic signature of the contract
  5. You will need to pay 200$ of Registration fee
  6. If you are accepted, you will receive an Acceptance letter
  7. You need to have your "Québec Acceptance Certificate" (CAQ)
  8. You need to have your Study permit
  9. Certification of documents

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