Spotlight on Our Graduates

Sonya Medeiros 

Uncertain as to what I wanted to do in future, I began studying Human Sciences at college level. I then realized that I wanted to work in a more arts-related field better suited to my personality, and specifically that I wanted to work with makeup. I enrolled for the Artistic Makeup - Stage and Special Effects Techniques course at LaSalle College. That’s when I realized my true passion for makeup and my desire to express my creativity.

Having the opportunity to study at LaSalle College and becoming a graduate of the school opened many doors to me. I learned everything there is to know about makeup. I’ve practiced what I learned since then, and I’ve improved a lot. My LaSalle College qualification allowed me work for M.A.C Cosmetics, being awarded certain makeup contracts.

The advice I’d give to students on the course looking to pursue a career in the industry, is never to rest on your laurels, keep practicing. It is a difficult industry to excel in, and it can be difficult to create a name for yourself. You need time to build up a client base, which is why I’d advise you to regularly promote yourself.

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