Spotlight on Our Graduates

Jérôme C. Rousseau

Fashion Design | DEC

Owner and Designer, Jerôme C. Rousseau

Describe your position and key responsibilities?
I’m a shoe designer. I started my label in 2008, has been a rewarding upward journey since then.

What is a typical workday in your professional life?
There is no typical workday! It changes all the time depending on the seasonal calendar. A typical day at the studio is a combination or design work, sourcing materials and ironing out business issues. A typical day at the factories in Italy involves a lot of running around, fitting the samples, correcting prototypes etc.

Outline your career path?
I was awarded a bursary from “Fondation de la Mode de Montreal” which allowed me to further my studies in footwear design at Cordwainers College in London. I worked as a shoe designer for several British designers before starting my own shoe label.

What is your best memory of the time spent at Lasalle College?
I was quite mischievous. My fondest memories are annoying fellow student Ying Gao until she put pins in my arms in revenge.

What was your favorite subject, while in the program?
The design classes and pattern cutting.

Describe your general feeling during your first day, week or month of school?
I was very excited to be in Montreal and to start studying design.

What advice would you give a student presently enrolled in the fashion program?
I worked really hard in my spare time to become better in several subjects related to my studies. I think some of the most important things I’ve learnt were from my own research in relation to the classes I was taking.

What surprised you most when you entered the job market?
I realized it was so easy to be a student.

What are the essential qualities required to succeed in the fashion world?
Having a lot of self-motivation, an obvious talent, passion and to work harder than the next person.

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