Spotlight on Our Graduates

Carol Ribeiro 

Fashion Design | DEC

Tell us about your career path and your accomplishments.

When I started my studies in Fashion Design, I was already a videographer. I worked for many years in television back in Brazil, where I’m originally from.

After I graduated from LaSalle College, I started collaborating with local designers and spent time creating fashion films and doing photography, as well as coordinating fashion shows.

When I got into fashion, I knew I didn’t want to be just a designer. I wanted to be involved in the visual aspect of fashion too. That’s my real passion.

I worked for Festival Mode & Design as a coordinator for the LaSalle College Generation Z show with Milan Tanedjikov in 2015, which was an amazing experience.

After that, I worked with designer Denis Gagnon and shot his Spring 2017 campaign. This year I was a production coordinator and videographer for Dress to Kill Magazine, and I’m currently working in the studio department at Ssense.

How did your education at LaSalle College help you?

My three years at LaSalle College helped me a lot in my career. Since the very first year, I was already being involved in their major productions (Signature, SMCL, and Enterprise) as a content creator.

I have always been curious about everything. I volunteered as a photographer for the school publication, Journal Collège LaSalle, and that collaboration was very important in the beginning for the development of my career.

I got to network and meet people in the industry. That’s what really gets you a foot in the door for jobs at the end of the day.

What advice would you give to our fashion students?

Get involved! Participate, collaborate and be always curious about what’s happening in the school. There’s a lot going on!

Get to know the teachers and the projects since the first year is key and it’s what will differentiate you as a proactive student, putting you in contact with the right people.

Don’t wait until the last year to start seeking out internships or creating your own stuff. The fashion world is really competitive, and it’s really important to stand out from the very beginning.

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