Photocopying and Printing Services

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Photocopying and printing services

Customers and staff at a modern print service center with computers and copy machines. 

7 Printing Stations

  • Multifunctional color copiers;
  • Functions: scanning, photocopying and printing;
  • Double-sided printing for more environmentally-friendly usage;
  • WebPrint intelligent management (remote management of printing tasks);
  • 3 ways to submit a print job:
    • From any computer in one of the college’s computer labs
    • Via your laptop, tablet or smartphone from the PaperCut website*
    • By inserting a USB flash drive into the USB port on the multifunctional copier
  • Simplified use with the new Unified ID card (to come).

How to print

  1. Submit a print job by using the print commands:
    • from any computer in one of the college’s computer labs
    • from the PaperCut website*, if you’re using your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  2. Choose either:
    • Konica Minolta Color or Konica Minolta Black and White
  3. Release your document:
    • by identifying yourself** on the copier screen
    • or
    • by using the new Unified ID card (details about this feature to come)

N.B.: you have 24 hours to release your document.

How to identify yourself

For students

  • Username: your 9-digit student number
  • Password: the first 3 letters of your family name (in lower case) followed by the day and month of your date of birth.
  • Example: Stéphanie Lambert, born September 3
  • Username: 201431650
  • Password: lam0309

A PaperCut login screen displaying fields for username and password, with a language selection dropdown menu, on a white and green background
*To access the new PaperCut intelligent management platform,

Printing stations location:

  • First floor : 2 stations at CL.IP (The school’s store)
  • 2nd Floor: 1 station at the Computer Lab
  • 3rd Floor: 1 station located in front of the office 3000
  • 4th Floor: 2 stations at the Documentation and Educational Centre
  • 5th Floor: 1 station located in front of the office 5000
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