Spotlight on Our Graduates

Sandra Blanc 

I studied at LaSalle College part-time, as I was already working in television full-time. I found the Artistic Makeup - Fashion and Beauty course very comprehensive. I found it very important to learn the techniques; fashion and colors come and go, but the related techniques in terms of form remain the same. I really wanted to find out what to do with particularly big or small eyes, and even how to apply corrective makeup.

I adored my teacher, Jacques Besner. He’s highly talented and has incredible patience, I learned a lot from him. I also was so appreciative of the opportunity he gave me, taking me on as assistant for some of his wedding contracts. It gave me the tools I needed to get started in the industry.

I started my career in the Customer Service department at Clarins Canada, where makeup artists are seen to be beauty instructors. I traveled across Quebec, working at several beauty events, department stores and pharmacies. I gained valuable experience doing skincare treatments, and applying makeup on different skin colors and types.

I slowly started to make a name for myself. Now I work at TVA and I’m proud to be a freelancer at RDS (a sports network). I work on a few corporate productions and with two different agencies that occasionally send me to stores on contract.

If I could give a piece of advice, it would be to be patient and work on some real creations allowing you to build up a good portfolio. The aim is to never stop practicing, and there’s no better practice and experience than working for a cosmetics company. You learn how to manage customer requests and control the speed and accuracy of the makeup you’re applying.

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