Spotlight on Our Graduates

Monique Aoun 

Infographic Design | AEC | E-learning

Tell us a bit about your career path.

I started out by obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, only to discover that my true passion all this time was for the Arts.

Walking through the streets of any city, I would always notice the logos of shops, boutiques or businesses and feel the urge to redesign or revamp their brand image.

This is when I discovered a true passion for branding and decided to pursue an online diploma in Infographic Design via the E-learning school of LaSalle College.

I now work for a well-reputed catering company in London called CH&CO. I have the opportunity to rebrand many touristic venues around the city, mostly in the food industry.

How did your education at LaSalle College help you?

My degree at LaSalle College taught me all the essentials I needed to know to pursue a career in graphic design, all in only one year!

I am happy to have enrolled in this program as it opened doors for me in a major, new and exciting city like London. Graphic design is a great field. It comprises a “universal language”, therefore your skills are recognized everywhere.

What advice would you give to our students studying graphic design?

My advice to new students in this field would be to never stop learning, even after graduation. Always be open to new industries even though they might be different (e.g. gaming, food, cinema, cosmetics). The more variety you gather in your portfolio, the better you will be at knowing which design industry best suits you.

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