Spotlight on Our Graduates

Caroline Roger 

I have always been interested in graphic arts. That’s why it was important for me to find a program that I could identify with and in which I could use my skills. I needed a college that would provide me with a thorough, quick and intensive training program with courses adapted to life today. The program lived up to my expectations. The support of the teachers and their many experiences in the field also played a major role. Studying in an appropriate environment where you can have access to the right tools makes all the difference.

As a graphic designer, I consider that LaSalle College offered me the background needed to make my way in the job market. For over two years I have been working for an advertising agency, where my creativity is put to the test every day, and I love it!

Looking back over my experience, I can say that it’s important to work hard, push your limits, be self-reliant, and most importantly, stand out from the rest.

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