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Annie Beaulac

Special Care Counselling program | DEC

Special Care Counsellor

It’s thanks to LaSalle College that I’m a special care counsellor. Since my educational background is atypical, I wasn’t admitted to other general and vocational colleges.

LaSalle College pushed me to believe that anything is possible with a little willpower.

I also met extraordinary people. I made friends who are now powerful influencers. They are mentors to me and will remain my colleagues for the rest of my career.

The instructors in the Special Care Counselling program are passionate and devoted. They want to share their knowledge and train the next generation. The general education instructors are accommodating and encourage us to persevere. I still contact some of my instructors to ask them for advice.

What advice would you give a student enrolled in the Special Care Counselling program?

First: pay attention in class. On the job market, things move fast. A solid mastery of theories is necessary to be effective on the ground.

Second: don’t put too much pressure on yourself after getting your diploma. The first year on the job is often an emotional roller coaster.

The pressure to perform comes only from inside you! Being a special education teacher is a profession that you perfect with time and experience.

Finally: go off the beaten path. Be creative and don’t be afraid to express your ideas. Have fun, because clients need people who love what they do!

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