Gain a better understanding of our various hospitality and tourism DECs and a clearer picture of the differences between them

What are the main differences between the DEC in Tourism Techniques, the DEC in Hotel Management Technique, and the DEC in Food Service Management at LaSalle College, and what are the job prospects?
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With March 1st fast approaching, it is finally time to choose your college program, and you may be wondering about the many options available to you. Fortunately, we are here to guide you and help you make an informed decision.

DEC in Tourism Techniques - Specialization in Development and Promotion of Travel Products

Our Tourism Techniques - Specialization in Development and Promotion of Travel Products program will help you learn all you need to know about travel, tourist attractions and creating packages.

You’re sure to be thinking that it goes without saying... But what’s special about this program and what will really help you boost your career is that we will also teach you about communication, sales, marketing and human and financial management in the tourism industry.

You will be able to work as a tourism coordinator, a representative for tourism companies throughout the world, or even start your own business!

Here are a few of the courses in your program:

  • Customer Oriented Approach in the Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Industry
  • Tourism Products and Clientele
  • Cultural and Tourist Attractions (for every region in the world)
  • Introduction to Sustainable Tourism
  • Tourism Marketing Research
  • Human Resources in the Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Industry
  • Introduction to Package Creation
  • Etc.
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DEC in Food Service Management

With our Food Service Management program, you’ll learn how to work as a Maître D’, a director or supervisor of banquets or catering, or even become the manager or owner of a restaurant or bar.

You will be able to manage a team of servers, chefs, hosts and hostesses, wine stewards, and so on. You will also have the skills to take care of sales, accounting, marketing and even restaurant operations, such as creating menus and supply management.

Along the way, here are some of the concepts you will study:

  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Restaurant Management and Organization
  • Recipes Preparation and Menu Implementation
  • Management Software - Restaurant
  • Restaurant Marketing
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Managerial Kitchen
  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Etc.

p.s. At LaSalle College, we can offer you everything you’ll need to ensure you’re a real asset for any food service establishment. As well as having a restaurant that serves real guests – La Classe – we have fully equipped kitchens, an amazing teaching bar, and even a Maître D’ that our students adore!

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DEC in Hotel Management Technique

Our Hotel Management Technique program may seem quite similar to the Food Service Management program. You’ll cover concepts that are essential in both domains, such as wine stewarding, food and beverage service, health and safety in the workplace, communication marketing, and hotel and food service law.

But, as the course name suggests, you’ll also learn to manage all aspects of not a restaurant but a hotel, so that you will be capable of managing or supervising an establishment. You’ll be able to work in marketing, human resources and operations within a major hotel chain, since you’ll have learned the required concepts in these three fields.

Plus, you’ll get the chance to put your service, mixology and customer approach skills into practice in our real restaurant, La Classe, or in our educational bar.

Below is a look at some of the different courses you will take:

  • Front Desk Techniques
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Culinary Culture and Trends
  • Banquet and Convention Management
  • Design and Technical Maintenance
  • Front Desk Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Etc.

p.s. You can gain experience in hospitality, and get paid as you learn thanks to our WIL – Remunerated course. This professional experience, which can make up almost 50% of your schedule from your first year with us, is recognized as forming part of your curriculum and your learning.

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Good to know…

Since our programs really focus on the practical side, during your course you’ll have the chance to take part in a whole range of events, activities and competitions, such as MTL à Table, a variety of mixology competitions, industry visits, fundraising activities for different causes, conferences and focus groups, fairs, trade shows and more.

Plus, thanks to our 100% Accueillant certification, you’ll learn to focus your approach on hospitality, so that you’ll be an expert in welcoming guests and customer service. It’s a great addition to your résumé that employers will love!

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