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Social Media Strategy

Attestation of College Studies (ACS)
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About the Program

From building customer loyalty to improving customer experience, the importance of social media to clients is greater than ever.

Learn how to design, write, and optimize promotional texts on the web, communicate with various online communities, and prevent and manage crises with LaSalle College Montréal's Social Media Strategy ACS.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participate in the development and ensure the implementation of the marketing and content strategy.
  • Plan the broadcast.
  • Create, edit, and publish content.
  • Promote posts.
  • Analyze performance indicators.
  • Maintain relationships with the community.


Successful Social Media Strategists have a unique combination of skills, including:

  • Digital Marketing Expertise

    Understand target audience segmentation, content creation, and conversion optimization.
  • Content Creation

    Develop visually appealing content, including graphics, videos, blog posts, and more.
  • Data Insights

    Analyze social media metrics, such as engagement rates, click-through rates, and audience demographics.
  • Strategic Thinking

    Develop long-term plans while remaining adaptable to change.

Career Prospects

According to Job Bank, employment projections for Social Media Community Managers show an increase in growth and many new positions created.

Social Media Managers advance from entry-level positions to higher roles, such as Digital Marketing Manager, Communications Director, or Web Content Creation Specialist.

Career Fields

  • Community Manager,
  • Community Manager and Digital Content Creator,
  • Digital Communications Specialist,
  • Social Media and Content Creation Specialist,
  • Communications and Social Media Specialist,
  • Social Media Manager,
  • Community Manager and Digital Communications Specialist,
  • Content Creator,
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator,
  • Social Media and Web Communications Manager,
  • Communications and Social Media Manager,
  • Social Media and Web Content Coordinator,
  • Social Media Marketer,
  • Web Strategist,
  • Social Media Strategist.

Diploma & Accreditation

This Attestation of College Studies (ACS) is accredited by the ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur of Québec and is internationally recognized.

ACS programs are part of continuing education and destined primarily for adults seeking to add value to their skill set or reorient their career.

Required Materials

A laptop computer is mandatory for study in this program. This laptop must be equipped with the Windows operating system to work with all software.

Mentors may request other standard or student-licensed software mandatory for their courses to be installed.

We recommend purchasing an external numeric keyboard if your laptop does not already have one.

Required software: Microsoft 365 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).

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Admissions Criteria

Exceptions to these admission criteria may be applied.

Every application is reviewed by the College.

To be eligible for acceptance into an ACS program, applicants are generally required to meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have interrupted their full-time studies for at least two (2) consecutive semesters or one (1) full school year; or

  • Have followed post-secondary studies for a period of at least one (1) year; or

  • Have a Secondary School Diploma (DES) or a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS), and the program allows them to receive a technical training that is not available in a DCS program; or

  • Have an equivalent education or an instruction deemed sufficient and meet the admission criteria set for college studies.

Academic Dates

LaSalle College has three annual start dates: fall, winter, and summer.

We accept applications at any time. Registration is open year-round.

Processing time:

  • Canadian applicants: up to two weeks,
  • International applicants: up to six months.

Submit your application as soon as possible to ensure a spot in your desired semester.

Note that applications are not processed until all required, validated documents and admission fees are received.

List of Courses

ACS programs are based on DCS program curricula, but do not have general education courses like French, English, or Philosophy.

Concentration Courses

  • Writing for Web (60 h)
  • Web Communication Strategies (60 h)
  • Web Strategy (45 h)
  • Digital Graphic Design (60 h)
  • Web Project Management (60 h)
  • Social Media Planning (75 h)
  • Optimizing Social Media (75 h)
  • Interacting with an Online Community (75 h)
  • Internship (390 h)

* The College reserves the right to substitute some courses.

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