Spotlight on Our Graduates

Élise Lachance

Fashion Marketing | DEC

CEO and stylist, MFMK

Tell us about your career path.
After my education in Fashion Marketing, I worked in visual presentation at Groupe Dynamite, then as a stylist in the prestigious Holt Renfrew chain. As my creativity blossomed little by little, I started positioning myself towards a career as a stylist. For the next six years, I worked as a freelance stylist. I worked mostly in photography, as well as in customized styling for artists.

Finally, in 2015, I decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship. I founded MFMK, the first website in Canada to offer fashion styling free of charge. Right now I am CEO and stylist at MFMK... and I love it!

And what about your experience at LaSalle College?
I knew I wanted to study at LaSalle College since I was 14 years old. I started that long-awaited program with a lot of ambition.

The annual Signature fashion show, organized during the third year of the program, was a turning point in my career as a stylist. I was the Fashion Director of the show and I could really let my creativity loose.

Another strong point was the final project. The entrepreneurial freedom that this project provided us gave me wings. And we won the grand prize!

What are the essential qualities needed to succeed in the fashion world?
Fashion is about passion, but also ambition. There is a lot of competition and you must be conscious of the strengths that set you apart.

It is also important not to look only at whatever is considered “fashionable,” but rather, at fashion as a whole. Inspiration is everywhere!

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