Spotlight on Our Graduates

Colas Eko

Name: Colas Eko
Titre: Artist
Study Program: DEC in Arts, Literature and Communication
Degree obtained in: 2013

Did your passion for art come to you as a child?

Growing up my house was filled with reproductions of Baroque and Mannerism paintings next to sculptures and masks from the Ewondo tribe, from my Cameroonian roots, it’s only later that I realized how it influenced my penchant for art. I started as a teenager with tags and graffiti in sketchbooks, later on walls.

How did you come to study at LaSalle College?

I was looking for a program in graphic design and knew people that went to Collège Lasalle so I decided to give it a try.

Which person or moment in your student life has marked you the most at LaSalle College?

Valerie Tremblay Blouin! This teacher saw in me a true potential, she made me realize a career in art is an option, she pushed me to create and for that I will always be thankful of her.

How did you come to have your work exhibited at LaSalle College?

I was part of Artch in 2019 a NPO that promotes emerging artists in contemporary art, where teachers with classes came to the exhibit from there I was offered a showcasing in the College.

What projects are you currently working on?

Right now, I’m working on a solo show that will be happening at the Georges-Vanier Cultural Center in 2021.

How does the current world situation come to influence your work?

Honestly, the first few months I was not productive at all, but I decided to make the best of that situation and I started to produce a lot of work and research.

How your artistic approach is influenced by the conflict you have regarding your origins?

It’s not so much of a conflict for me, rather a societal issue; me being perceived as the “other” or non Quebecois makes me realize how much work there is ahead of us. My practice is based on transforming and reclaiming our social narrative setting to create an inclusive and diversified dialogue.

What advice would you give to our art students?

It’s super cliché but keep producing, always stay curious and develop good PR skills.

Colas Eko

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