Spotlight on Our Graduates

Anne Grillot 

Interior Design | AEC | Online

Majority shareholder, HumanSkills Agency

I have had a passion for design since childhood. Not necessarily interior design, but design in general. I also loved real estate. I concluded from this that interior design was the perfect way to combine several professions that I found fascinating.

However, I was warned as soon as I left high school that this path was difficult and very uncertain. So, I opted to go with related programs. What I knew for sure was that one day I would have my own company.

After all that training, which I still find to be quite useful, I decided to pursue interior design. I enrolled in LaSalle College’s e-learning program, which allowed me to combine my work and studies. I got a complete training program there. I was taught the technical foundations of interior design in a way that allowed me to build on my creativity.

When I left LaSalle College, I knew I had the right degree to help me start my own business.

Although I was very busy with my company, I participated in the Richelieu competition. I didn’t want to let that opportunity pass me by. I worked on it full-time for a month, as though it were a real contract, without even knowing whether I would be rewarded.

I cannot describe how I felt when I found out I had won! I felt that I was in the right place and that my career would finally take off.

I’ve noticed that there are designers for all types of projects. Each designer develops his or her own specialty. It is a field with a lot of variety. If you feel that this path is for you, then you need to dive into it. I took several different paths before I understood this. Have confidence in yourself and your inner abilities, because everyone is creative in their own way!

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