Spotlight on Our Graduates

Ana Paula Caballero

Fashion Marketing

Founder, Kaicos Swimwear

Describe your position and key responsibilities?
I am the founder of Kaicos Swimwear, a handmade bikini brand with a Latin vibe. I don’t have one position within the company because I work on everything. I design, coordinate production and distribution, purchase fabric and yarn, do social media marketing and sales, organize events, manage boutique accounts, explore business opportunities for the brand, etc.

The brand is currently sold in boutiques in Peru, Montreal, Florida, New York, and Germany.

What career path did you take?
I always knew that I wanted to have my own business. After graduating from LaSalle College I did an internship in marketing at a company that makes tailored suits for men. I started working on Kaicos Swimwear as soon as I completed my internship. I travelled to Peru to produce the first collection because the crochet details that I wanted in my bikinis were done by Peruvian artisans. I came back to Montreal and launched my brand in 2017.

What is your best memory from your time spent at LaSalle College?
My best memory was the Final Project during my last year of college, which involved creating the plan to launch a new fashion-related business. It was very challenging for everyone involved but it was worth it. We were able to be fully creative.

What advice would you give a student presently enrolled in the fashion program?
My advice to students is to make the most of every single class. Especially if they are thinking of opening their own business, because it requires executing absolutely everything from scratch. Always try to learn as much as possible and try to improve in every aspect.

What are the essential qualities required to succeed in the fashion world?
To succeed in the fashion world it is essential to express your own essence and to be authentic. Try to look for inspirations elsewhere but give it your own touch and perspective.

To thrive in the fashion world, never stop learning from your customers and competitors. Finally, it is very important to be patient. Everything worth working for will take time.

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